Dr. Jayaprakash Divakaran

Clinical Expertise:
Clinical Embryology, Micromanipulation techniques, Embryo and Gamete, Vitrification, Embryo Biopsy and pre implantation genetic Diagnosis (PGD).  
Dr. Jayaprakash Divakaran, Ph. D., is the Director the Operations of the Burjeel Hospital IVF Abu Dhabi ART lab since November 2018. He has over 22 years of experience in the field of clinical embryology and has hands-on experience with thousand successful in vitro fertilization cases. Dr. Jayaprakash has more than 20 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and books chapters in his credit.
Dr. Jayaprakash completed an M. Sc in Endocrinology at Sardar Patel University, India in 1987. He then earned his Ph. D. in reproductive physiology from the University of Rajasthan, India in 1992. Upon graduating, he continued at the University of Rajasthan, pursuing a Post-Doctoral research fellowship in assisted reproductive technologies at the Indian Institute of Society (IISc) Bangalore, India in 1996.
Finally, in 1997, he completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in assisted reproductive technologies at the Center for Cellular and Molecular biology (CCMB) Hyderabad, India.
Prior to Joining Burjeel IVF Center, he had worked as Embryologist IVF Lab Director Pioneer in various private and government hospitals (IVF units) in the UAE.