• What should I do when I arrive?

    On the day of your operation, please report to IVF reception.The nursing staff will then advise you where your bed will be located.

  • What do I need to bring?

    You should bring slippers, socks, dressing gown and toiletries and something to pass the time. You should also bring some firmly supportive jock strap style underpants. You will need to wear this style of underpants for the first 48 hours after your

  • What happens next?

    Your consultant and anesthetist will see you before the operation to ask you to sign the necessary consent form and answer any final questions you may have. Your wife may contact the nursing staff in the ward where you have been admitted after midday to inquire about your operation

  • How long do I need to stay?

    You can expect to be in the hospital until approximately 17:00 hrs. Your consultant will come to see you after the operation to explain the findings and to ensure that you are fit for discharge home.
    You will be able to go home by late afternoon or early evening if all is well.


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