Choosing the right fertility clinic is important. Here are some of the most crucial things to consider when making your decision.

  • Our philosophy is that not all fertility clinics are the same. Fertility clinics have different criteria on which they are willing to treat, based on factors like age, markers of ovarian reserve (such as FSH and AMH) and previous treatment history.
  • We believe that every case needs specialized care and treatment. Unlike other hospitals or centres, at Burjeel Hospital, we follow the best clinical practices to deliver treatment and care that is tailored to you
  • Our philosophy is to treat all patients with a potential to succeed. After discussing your personal history and performing tests such as FSH and AMH, we give clear and realistic information about your individual chances of success.
  • Patient transparency is one of the cornerstones of care at Burjeel Hospital. That's why based on test results we give you a clear picture on the chances of success in having a child though IVF.
  • Although you will have your own consultant/physician who personally plans and leads your care, we very much work as a team at all levels (doctors, nurses and embryologists). Each doctor is a highly qualified gynecologist with specialist fertility training who can manage all aspects of sub-fertility.
  • Our approach towards IVF is an interdisciplinary one that involves a team of specialists (doctors, nurses and embryologists) who work together enabling better care and treatment. Each doctor is a highly qualified gynecologist with specialist fertility training who can manage all aspects of sub-fertility.
  • We don't believe that the final decision on whether to treat should be ours alone: as long as we have accurately advised patients of their chances, those with a low likelihood of success should also be offered fertility treatment if they wish.
  • Unlike other medical centres or hospitals, we empower you to make the final decision on whether you would want to proceed with the treatment. We equip you with a detailed assessment of your case along with the chances of a successful procedure
  • Many patients are successful, often after being declined fertility treatment elsewhere. For some, being allowed to try treatment and failing may be part of an acceptance process that may allow other avenues to be explored. Patients can attend as many counseling sessions as they need.
  • The Burjeel Centre for Reproductive Medicine has a high success rate when it comes to handling infertility cases. Our belief in our ability stems from the capability of our multidisciplinary team and the state of the art technology available at our hospital.
  • We strive to maximize patient safety by minimizing the multiple pregnancy rate. As we treat all patients with high and low potential this inevitably affects the overall success rates.
  • We know how hard the fertility treatment can be. We take the unusual step of offering email access direct to your consultant. Our nursing team also offers email and telephone support. Although not a replacement for a consultation, particularly for more complicated queries, the ability to contact a staff member is invaluable.
  • We know that choosing a hospital or centre for infertility treatment is not easy. We at Burjeel Hospital understand that and provide you with the option of getting in touch with our consultant and the option of phone and email support
  • Our modern and expanded laboratory offers the most advanced fertility treatment to patients.
  • We operate a 7-day service that ensures the timings of critical events such as egg collection and embryo transfer can occur when it is truly best for you, rather than when it suits the clinic. Similarly we open early to allow as many people as possible to have scans at times that minimize disruption to work or childcare responsibilities.
  • We operate on all days that make sure that critical facets of the fertility program like egg collection and embryo transfers can happen at a timing convenient to you. Taking this a step further, we even open early that will make sure that disruption to your regular schedule is minimal.
  • Burjeel centre for fertility treatments might not be the cheapest fertility clinic in the UAE, but we believe we offer value for money. Our prices are transparent.
    IVF is expensive and treatment costs vary depending on a number of factors. Our fertility treatment cycle costs include all scans, nurse consultations, embryological lab work, theatre and medical costs.
    Although we offer the most up to date investigations, no two situations are the same. One size does not fit all so your fertility treatment will be specifically tailored to your needs to minimise unnecessary expenditure.


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